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Cold Pack for Horse Leg - [peaceofmindsupplies]

Cold Pack for Horse Leg

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Does your horse have a leg injury? Ice packs that are easy to use to aid with healing on horse legs.  These packs are so great and not just for horses!  Primarily for equestrian injuries, but can be used on human leg injuries as well.

Pack contains 24 cells for flexible application of ice bag. Strong sturdy Velcro straps to keep the ice pack in place.

Target Leg Pain Relief and Not just for horse - Large ice pack wrap used for cooling down horse's legs and decreasing swelling after exercise, great for treating arthritic joints, leg knee arm pain and helpful for sprains strains and swelling from sports injuries.

Full Leg Ice Boot stays soft when frozen, gel inside is medical grade, non-toxic, nylon ice bag is double sealed, no leak, reusable to use on your shoulder, back, calf, shin, thigh and more.

Ice boots are easy to apply hot cold therapy, just throw it in the freezer overnight or microwave it to desired temperature.

The ice pack is great for sport injuries, swelling, muscle pain, post surgery, body aches, recovery after knee replacement, arthritis treatment, joint pain relief and more.