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Rebecca and I have had a hard time getting this site being recognized, have had some success but nothing like we had expected.. Both of us fell for the advertising that you can make $20,000.00+ per month doing a dropshipping website.... Well, we watched many videos and paid for instructional videos to do just that.  Now, we are barely breaking even with the expenses of doing the site.  Our dream of getting some land with the money, getting a trailer and going and saving horses at slaughter houses, just isn't possible and we are heartbroken.    

We added a new collection and changed out some of the products, actually try to that often but no avail.. or just with a few orders now and then.  If anyone can point us in the right direction with help with this, we would be sooooo grateful and so will the horses that we want to save.  That is not just talk, that is something that we truly want to do, not just a please buy from us so we can lie to you and break your heart with the thought of slaughtered horses.  It is real... horses are being slaughtered and we want to do something about it.

So this blog is just asking for help, tips etc.  What products would you like to see us sell, how is best to get our site out there for people to see etc.  We have paid for marketing help but it seems to have been a waste of money.

We like the products that we sell, but some of them have caused us trouble in other words Facebook saying our products are dangerous - our "self defense" products to help you protect yourself are dangerous so they won't let us advertise on their site.  Another wall... so frustrating.  

Sooooooo, if anyone reading this can offer some tips of what to do, it would b greatly appreciated.


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