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Why I am an aviation junkie!


I grew up with my parents both being pilots so there was a huge interest in flying.  Not airline pilots, dad in Air Force and mom got her license when she was 18 in a PT19.  If you know anything about those airplanes, that is very cool!  That was a long time ago and wasn't very common for women to fly.  My mom was a pistol, beautiful and was a dancer in Chicago working with Liberace... fun photos to look at. 

So, when I was 16, I started taking flying lessons.  I fell madly in-love with my gorgeous, but married instructor. LOL. Harmless, just made me nervous flying with him is all.. grins.  I was hooked with being able to do the controls myself instead of watching my dad fly. Dad would occasionally let me fly as I always wanted to sit "right seat".  But now, I was in the left seat and was in control... learning that is.  I was a good pilot but had to quit because I got horrendous allergies and my eyes were messed up for awhile.  So, I quit for a couple of years trying again at 19 in Santa Barbara while in art school to get some more hours and then again in N. California where I did complete my training and got my private license.  Great fun for me and I feel that being around planes all my life, I would like to say I was a good pilot.  I love aviation... always have, always will.

When I worked on getting my license at Sonoma County Airport (Santa Rosa, California), I met and fell in-love with one of the instructors who was my age this time and single.. grins.  He felt the same and we had great fun flying.  Before we got married, a friend of his paid for the two of us to fly back to Dayton, Ohio to bring or "ferry" his J3 Cub for him back to California.  As two crazy 21 yr olds, this sounded like an adventure!  So, with parents understanding the flying bug, they all agreed that it would be an experience to remember, so we agreed to do it.  We got a one way ticket to Dayton, Ohio and we were off to fly this old J3 Cub to California.  It was an amazing trip and I will write about it in my next blog!  Come back and read all about it and then please go check out all the cool products we have afterwards!   Leslie

That is me with the J3 Cub.  I Photoshopped my X out of the photo but you can still see his shadow.  Grins. 

Here below is Liberace is looking at my mom.


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