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The Colorado Rockies...

The day had come after visiting my X's family in Colorado, to start the trip to cross over those huge mountains!  Absolutely nothing in a larger plane, but to do it in the J3, it was a very big deal!  This little bird is going to have a hard time and we knew it but had to do it.  It had been a long trip so far and we were tired and had a spat or two, nothing serious, just tired and grumpy.  So when we stopped at the airport to get gas before going over the route, this man at the airport suggested that we go from A-C instead of A, B then C.  Like I said, we were tired and grumpy so it sounded like a good idea!

So, we gas'd up and headed out agreeing to go to C and bypass B... mistake!  In order to do this, we had to go over part of the Rockies that were pretty high therefore using a lot, damn near all of our gas with all the climbing.  Figured it would be fine as as soon as we got over the one mountain, C would be right there.. except it wasn't!  OMG. The only thing on the other side of the mountain was what looked like a covered wagon trail at the base of the mountain we passed last.  Oh no!  We could see that our gas was almost completely gone - were we going to die out there?  We both got very quiet and it was scary as hell.

Looking towards the west we saw a flicker of light, a refection of sorts and it was OMG CIVILIZATION!!!  We got to where the flickr was and it turned out to be like a mobile home park?  The only place to put the J3 down was in this field outside of the park but looked like the ground was dried mud and also looked like there was a lot of boulders we had to avoid.  Again, the X being very skilled put her down gently avoiding the boulders which turned out to be cow pies.. or cow poop.  Grins.  As soon as he lowered the tail where there is a very small wheel unlike the two balloon tires on the front - the main tires..... the tire dug into the mud below the cracks stopping us abruptly.  Just great - hey, we could have crashed in the rockies running out of gas, so this was no big deal for sure!

The X took off walking towards the "town" to go find some gas telling me not to tell anyone we ran out of gas as I guess you can get fined or something for not planning properly...?  So that was fine, I closed up the J3 as there were bugs and proceeded to fall asleep.  I was awakened to voices and looked out to see 2 police officers walking around the J3 obviously curious but very friendly... I told them that we had some engine trouble and had to land.  They laughed and said that my X was on his way back to the plane with gas and all would be great.   I laughed and said, "Ok, so you know what happened eh?".  Yep and no problem.  

After talking to the 2 cops for several minutes, I heard voices and turned to see the X walking towards us with a large can of gas and the whole damn town behind him!  LOL. So, we gas'd up and then asked the town's people to please line up along the deep ditch that surrounded the pasture so we knew where it was so we didn't go falling into it.  In order to get the plane up, we had to first dig out the tail wheel and then hold the toe brakes down to get the engine fired up, let go and then go in circles to build up speed to lift off.  WE DID IT!  I should say the X did it and we were off after circling the town's people waving with our wings as a good by and thank you.  Here is the funny part.... our next airport was about 10 minutes down the road and we would have made it but hey, this makes for a better story and we lived to tell about it right?  Grins.

Tomorrow, arriving in N. California...

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