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Saturday, Feb. 27th

Rebecca and I were told that we should blog to bring attention to our site.. Well, what do we blog about?  So I thought I would just tell what has happened to me recently....  Lucky me had a mole on my back that turned into a malignant melanoma. OMG... I freaked because I am a two time cancer survivor.  Cut to the chase - I found a great dermatologist after seeing the dermatologist from hell who cut off my mole and told me it was cancer.  She proceeded to tell me not once, but 3 times that if I didn't do what she told me to do, I was going to die.   Little disturbing to say the least being a survivor!  Long story short, the new, wonderful and nice dermatologist did the mini surgery where they take surrounding tissue to make sure it hadn't spread.  I don't know the outcome yet, but he told me that I shouldn't worry as he felt I was 85-90% in the clear.  Big difference from the young doc telling me that I could die.  So, there ya have it... a blog about what just happened to me.... doubt anyone is reading this, but figured I would write what I just went through.  Fun times!  NOT.  Leslie

UPDATE - Tests show that they got it all and I am going to be fine.  PHEW!!!

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