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Our First Blog Post

Leslie and I decided to start blogging so that our customers can get to know us, and our goal of why we started the website. We initially met through both of us applying for a job at a local Equestrian Center, just so we could be around horses. I ended up getting the position and Leslie went on to help at a local horse rescue.

From early childhood we both had ponies and horses on and around our homes for us to see and use everyday. I grew up in Wiltshire England in a 350 year old manor house with paddocks, stables and a big old barn, and Leslie on a 360 acre pleasure ranch in rural northern California. Horses were such a major role in our upbringings and later on in adulthood that we made an immediate connection that has grown into a fabulous friendship.

Brain storming one day to help horse rescue centers and horses placed in kill barns, we hit on the idea of starting a website from scratch. Not having any capital to immediately help horses, we hoped and still hope that the website will generate enough profits to get us to where we have the funds to do this.

The attached photo is of me when I was 16 years old, riding Juniper Berry at a local cross country event that I competed in. (In the UK)


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