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Not all of us enjoy Mother's Day.....

I was going to continue to blog about the RV trip I am doing but since it is Mother's Day, I thought I would write how not all of us think it is a great day.....  I have one kid, a son.  He is in the Navy and flies Seahawk helicopters and I am proud of his accomplishments... however, with that job comes a big ego.  I would like to remind him that I started flying at 16 and while I didn't go on to be a bad a** helicopter pilot, he ain't the first in the family to be "cool".  Sadly it truly has gone to his head and to add to that, he married a pretty girl who is also blessed with a huge ego and she makes a pretty good income as a PA.  Great, happy for both of them... now the sad part. She lies, specifically about me, and I can prove it but he won't allow me to do so.  So, with that, my relationship with my son is basically over.  I have heard from so many moms that daughter-in-laws tend to strip away the mother-son relationship and I don't get it.  What else I don't get, is how our sons let them.  Sad, very sad for not just me, but for so many other moms out there.  Go to facebook and read the stories on a group called "Parents of adult estranged children."  It is beyond sad of how many of us are being treated like crap quite honestly... last time I looked there were over 900 members and that was over a year ago.

Sooooo, (I keep saying "so" I know....) I have had a really crappy day.  Many think that I should just snap out of it, those are the ones who aren't in this situation... I am usually strong as hell and proud of myself for it, but today I fell apart.  Could have been because every time I turned around, someone was wishing me a "Happy Mother's Day!!!!"  Yeah, well.... go to hell.  Can I say that here?  Guess I just did.

Happy Mother's Day for many is one of the hardest days to get through of the year so keep that in mind when you cheerily wish someone a "happy" day... many of us just want to fall apart, drop to the ground and weep.  I am out of tears today quite frankly!

Now you know another reason I bought the RV!  Son is no longer in my will and I will be damned if I am going to sit around wallowing in pity.  I am going to enjoy what is left of my life being 67.  Tomorrow will be a better day I am quite sure as we are back on the road again - been at a friend's place in Fort Worth for 3 nights and it is beyond time to go I am sure for her too....

Signing off until next blog.  Leslie

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