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My Scottish family history....

This photo was taken from the barge that takes your car across the bay in Scotland to the town where my ancestors were slaughtered by the name of Dunoon.  I was told this story by my father many years ago and always wanted to learn more about it, so I now have been there twice.  It is a very sad story that you can read about called "The Dunoon Massacre".  Sad times, hard times back then... lots of fighting between Scottish clans. Our clan, the Lamont clan, was almost completely wiped out by the Campbell clan in this small town.  They said they wanted to call a truce between the clans and the Lamonts agreed, only to find it was a set up and the Campbell clan slaughtered almost all of my ancestors, even hanging women and children from trees.  Horrible... again, it is all written up on wikipedia.  So, I wanted to go there and I have now twice. 

I went the second time to this beautiful place to meet other Lamont Clan family members at a gathering, where there was a wonderful dinner with dancing etc..  Was such great fun to be a part of all of that with people I didn't know, but were related to.  We had an incredible dinner and Scottish dancing afterwards.  I took many photos that night of other Lamonts dancing and having a wonderful time.  The amazing thing was when I looked at the photos later, there were many, many orbs in the pictures... deceased Lamont family members joining in the fun?  You tell me!  I will say that I used the same camera for everything and the only place there were other orbs in photos I took, was when I stayed in a haunted castle in Ireland later that same trip where a friend met me.  I took photos of our room as it was spectacular in the beautiful, but haunted castle.  There were many, many orbs that showed up in the photos I took of our room... spooky but very cool!  Gorgeous place called Kinnitty Castle.

When all this virus stuff goes away, the sooner the better, if you have ever wanted to visit Scotland or Ireland, I highly recommend it!  I would have gone back for the 3rd time as I love it over there, but for obvious reasons, I have not.  I ended up buying an RV instead and am going to explore my country here.. I will be blogging about it soon.. maiden voyage starts in 2 days.. yikes.  Come back for more fun stories and please check out all of our cool products.  Rebecca and I are doing our best to keep the products fresh and only things that we would want to buy too. 


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