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My Favourite Car

Wiltshire, a county in the South West of England is where I moved with my parents and little sister when I was 5 years old. I truly had an idyllic childhood living in the middle of the English countryside with sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, ponies and horses. My parents being avid gardeners grew not only beautiful flowers but all the fruits and vegetables you would find in any well stocked market. I loved and still love all things about nature.

As I grew up I developed a passion for all things automobile. I always loved the animals and nature but through part of my Dad's work position was attending many car races at Silverstone, Castle Combe and off road rally races around England and Wales. When I passed my driving test, first time I might add, my parents bought a lovely old Landrover. It was a two fold purchase as they wanted a safe slow vehicle for me but also a car strong enough to pull the horse box. I called my Landrover Herman because he was big and green and the most beautiful car I had ever had the pleasure to drive. He was 25 years when I got him in 1990 and still absolutely alive and kicking, except for the heat, windscreen wipers, the very sticky reverse and extremely hard to push down clutch lol. Anyway my 1964 C-series Landrover was my best car and I would love to at some point in my future be able to own such another beauty.

The photo is of myself and my best friend Claire in 1991.

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