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Migraines are part of my life

When my migraines started as a young teen not much about migraines was really well known. It wasn't until my late teens that I was finally given the migraine diagnosis but sent away with not much pain relieving options. As sleep was about the only option I had that was what I did. I did use ice cold packs and the English equivalent of ibuprofen and then just suffered through until I either fell asleep or the migraine was eased by the medicine. It wasn't much fun I can tell you that. There were plenty of times when I thought I wasn't going to make it because something in my head would burst or I'd do something silly to instantly get rid of the pain. Thankfully I did nothing worse than pulling my hair out. But it is so hard to make it through such searing pain.

In my twenties I finally was introduced to different prescription meds but most of them had side effects that weren't nice either. The worst was neck and shoulder muscle cramping, but at least I didn't have a migraine. I have gone through a lot of different meds and most have been successful but will start to be less efficient after about a 6 months.

So the finale to my story is that this week I received my first dose of a new medicine. I went to see a neurologist and he gave me a 'new to the market' medicine that is a self administered shot given once a month. It will stop migraines even occurring!!! I am so excited that this will work. After suffering with monthly migraines of sometimes up to 4 in that time, for the last 35 years, the idea that I will have none is amazing to me!! I have no qualms about injecting myself as the result will be worth it.

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