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Home from RV what?

The RV trip was a blast even with a few little spats between myself and the woman I asked to join me on the trip.  Needed someone to join me for the first trip for confidence as it is a big RV and I have not done that before!  Put two women in a metal box basically for almost 3 weeks and see if you have a spat or two... promise you will!  So, now what?  Well, I am totally hooked on traveling in the RV.  When you go to RV campsites, the people are so nice!  Like a special club you just joined.  I honestly only met one or two people that were a bit chilly?  Grins.

If anyone was or is looking into doing this too, GO FOR IT.  The two negative things about RV'ing are dealing with the big semi trucks on the highway as it is really spooky when they go flying by you... I swore I could reach out the window when my friend was driving and touch them as they drove by as they come so close to you!  Yikes!!!  See the photo... The second negative is the shock of cost of filling up your RV at the pump.  Holy moly... min of $100 and only because many gas stations don't let you put in more than $100.  When they do, expect to pay $150.  That was hard to swallow, but then it is my new home on wheels!

So, we drove from Summerville, SC to Tucson, AZ and back.  I wrote about losing my sweet little dog Spot on the 3rd night and that was devastating but other than that, the trip was a great adventure and I am hooked.  So now what?

The RV is back at the dealer's lot at it has a couple of things that need to be fixed, or should have been fixed before I left, nothing major, but needs to be done. When I get it back the RV will go into storage at this nice guy's property for $75/month which is about ½ of what I would be charged at at rv parking storage lot. Grateful that nice Rebecca found him for me!

When in storage, I am going to do things to it to make it work better for me for longer periods, set up a place where I can continue to paint etc.  I plan on renting out my house and just taking off because I can.  Life is short, I have friends that I want to see that don't live close by and I haven't seen for a long time.  So nice to go visit and be able to stay in my own space etc. and not intrude on them for my visit.

Now the problem.... my cute little Toyota is not a towable car.. guess if you tow Toyota's you will ruin the transmission.  Just great! Not sure what I am going to do, but I DO need to tow a car as when you arrive anywhere, it can get very costly to either rent a car or Uber places you want to go... especially with 2 dogs!

I will keep you posted... just blogging for fun if anyone is reading... grins.



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