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Ghost Story

I grew up in a very old house. It was over 280 years old and is now about 320 years old. The house is built from limestone and the walls are 3 feet thick. Even the roof is made of limestone tiles that are now largely covered in moss and lichen. Growing up in an old house came with its own set of interesting quirks, most of which I delighted in. The attic space was filled with gorgeous little bats that sometimes made it through a bedroom window. The bats in England are protected and you aren't allowed to hurt them or move their homes. Special permission and experts are needed if it is a necessity.

Anyway, I grew up with a ghost. Everyone in the family knew about it and actually accepted it so much that a lot of the incidents weren't even noticed anymore. Some of the main regular occurring ones were the toys being rearranged. My sister and I loved our Play Mobile farm set and played with it often. We were very specific on how we set up the barn, fences and all the animals in their little pens. Almost every time we would return to play, the animals and tractor had been moved around and were in different places. The same thing happened with our lego sets, crayons, paints and also when we played dolls- the blankets would be removed from the dolls.

My Mum said the television and radio would turn on and off plus change channels. None of it really gave me the creeps or bothered me except for going up and down the stairs. The ghost always seemed to watch me and I hated it thinking it was right behind me watching. But it was mostly just something that was part of the house.

So the pinnacle of the ghosts presence came when my parents had packed up the entire house to move to the US for a few years for my Dad's work. The house was to be rented out during their stay in Ohio. The day of the big move arrived. My Mum was sitting in the kitchen and my Dad, sister and dogs had walked down the road to look at the giant moving truck that was parked down the road. No one else living was in the house. As my Mum sat at the table making notes she clearly heard footsteps walking down the upstairs hallway. She thought for a second that it was my sister getting up late as was her normal custom, but remembered she was down the road. The footsteps were also of shoes on bare wood floorboards. This was odd as carpet had covered the old mahogany boards for years. It was the loudest and most obvious example of our ghost. It was almost as if he or she knew we were leaving and didn't want us to go.

As a result of this experience I have gained an affinity for feeling the presence of spirits in buildings and outside. But that so far is all I can do. So if anyone wants to know if their house is haunted I can tell you lol.

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